Productions of 'de Rode Boksbal'

Bastiaan Ragas is the founder and owner of 'de Rode Boksbal' and since 2010 he produces successful productions for theaters all over Netherlands. De Rode Boksbal theater productions produces apparent theater for a wide audience. 

Theaterproducties De Rode Boksbal van Bastiaan Ragas

In 2015 a partnership is emerged with 'Van Engelenburg theater productions' to produce theater and entertainment for a mature, older audience. Examples are "Alles went behalve een vent", "Joke Bruijs 50" and the "Oase Bar Sing-a-Long concerts". Talent driven entertainment and performances provide theatre and shows with a clear profile.

"De Rode Boksbal makes theater
that entertains and inspires."

Bastiaan Ragas

The 'Oase Bar Sing-a-Long concerts' with Joke Bruijs, Gerard Cox and Ron Brandsteder