Biography Bastiaan Ragas

Bastiaan Ragas was born on 30 June 1971 in Lisse, a small town in The Netherlands. He grew up in a loving family with a successful father, dear mother and 2 brothers.

Today, in 2017, Bastiaan is an all-round entertainer, singer, writer and producer. He is married with Tooske (TV Host) and has four children. They are living in Holland, near the North-Sea.

Bastiaan, Bas for friends and family, preferred music, friends and nature above school. In 1987 he joined and won a music challenge at school with a live performance of the song 'Burning love' from Elvis Presley. Supported by this victory he formed his first band and finished school quickly afterwards.

Bastiaan joined the international music group 'Up With People' and travelled all over the world. He joined the theatre group 'Jeans' and was scouted to join the boy band 'Caught in the Act'. The success in their performance in 'Gute Zeiten, Slechte Zeiten' was the breakthrough of the band. The campy video and catchy tune 'Love is everywhere' made Caught in the Act a house hold name in the '90's.

Success in the rest of the world followed, Austria, Switzerland, former East-Block, Taiwan, Australia, South-Africa, China and the rest of the far East. Caught in the Act (CITA in short) sold more than 12 million copies. In 1998 the band stopped. In 2016 was the relaunch of Caught in the Act with a successful tour and album 'Back for love', in 2017 they will have a new tour called 'The celebration of Love'.

Bastiaan recorded three solo albums 'Tomorrow is looking good' ('You complete me') in 2000. 'Outragas' in 2003 and 'Zin' (Dit is mijn stad') in 2008. He starred in two major musicals, in 2001 Aida (lead role Radames), and in 2003 Three Musketeers (d'Artagnan). He won a prestigious 'Musical Award Best leading role' and one nomination for “Best leading role'. The single “Alles” from Three Musketeers was a top 5 hit.

Bastiaan played leads in many films and series. He played lead roles in series and movies as 'Escort' (Gouden Kalf Best TV Film), 'Sportman van de eeuw', 'De Indiaan', 'Trauma 24-7', 'Bar Gezellig', 'Oranje onder Vuur' and many more.

Furthermore he wrote three books; “Maar je krijgt er wel heel veel voor terug”, “Papa is heel even aan de telefoon” & “Huisje boompje buikje”, from which two were bestsellers.

In 2010 he started his own successful 'talent driven' theatre company 'De Rode Boksbal' and produced since than 'Help ik heb mijn vrouw zwanger gemaakt', “Haantjes”, 'Maar je krijgt er wel heel veel voor terug”, “Alles went behalve een vent”, “De Oase Bar”, 'De Exoot', Joke 50th jubileum show', 'Zij is de Baas' and in 2017 the Oase Bar sing-along-concerts.

Beginning 2017 Bastiaan was one of the prominent dancers in the great German RTL television show 'Let's Dance'. From 9 July 2017 Bas will present the German ZDF entertainment show "Gut geschätzt gewinnt".